Brave Reporter Jumps Into Icy Water And Saves Drowning Dog While Stay Broadcast

Without hesitation he stripped of his clothes and put aside his paintings teams to jump into the water irrespective of the low temperatures
A Russian journalist is repeatedly covering information from the streets in Moscow. Aleksandr Chachnov (Aleksandr Chachnov) used to be understood as Russia throughout the knowledge program of the Russian channel, and he discovered {{that a}} dog in distress needs a miracle to measure.measure.

While broadcasting knowledge during a park in Moscow, he spotted a dog suffering to survive after falling into an icy lake. The dog attempted to urge out of the lake, but it surely were not able as its limbs were numbed.

Seeing that, the reporter took off his clothes and jumped into the water to rescue the dog. The temperatures were -12 C, so, the dog would have died from the ice in any minute if Aleksandr didn’t bravely bounce.
The video of the reporter saving the dog went viral and lots of folks commented great comments in regards to the brave reporter.

You may even see that Alexander used to be ready to clutch the dog and check out to wish his way once more. He used to be moreover helped by means of some witnesses, and yeah, the paintings used to be completed. How brave! Watch the video beneath.


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