A sad tale about rescuing two deficient dog from a guests coincidence. The mother dog did not live to tell the tale

 We received a notification of an coincidence from a resident shut by means of .
That re two domestic dogs need our help, we immediately set out . The scene was once terrible .
The dog was once attempting to pull his just right pal in .
We in a while tested the two dog . Sorry , regarded as one among theme is no longer respiratory.
The puppy seems to be in pain , we feature the two animal s to the care middle.

We tested every animals , the died one and the second one was once in just right neatly being then again too tired 


After the exam, we took  them to have a shower and to clean them .

The died one is resting in peace and the second one .We took care of him .

He is in an excellent neatly being now , we re helping him to recover and be blissful .

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