Officials hope to ascertain owner of significantly neglected dog found in Ohio

Butler County, Ohio, Officials are in search of the owner of a significantly neglected dog they came upon on Monday morning. According to the Animal Friends Humane Society:

This morning, we had a dog brought to us from the Butler County Dog Warden’s administrative center. He used to be discovered emaciated and is receiving clinical attention at the medical institution. We need to uncover his owner as temporarily as potential. For the reason that video proves, he is an efficient boy who needs to be as close to you as potential. Please lend a hand us in understanding who did this to him.

The stray dog used to be discovered just about Layhigh and Millville Shandon Rd in Ross Township, Ohio. Any information is needed.

You probably have any information about the owner of this dog, please touch Deputy Forkner at 513-887-7297, extension 5. For individuals who make a selection, you in all probability can keep anonymous. The dog will be saved at the safe haven until he recovers.


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