Guy Considering Leaving Partner After Claiming She Put His Dog In Pound And Discussed It Ran Away

A Reddit particular person has claimed he’s given his partner an ultimatum after she supposedly took his dog to the pound after pretending it had run away. The unnamed husband posted on Reddit as a part of the dialogue board’s ‘Am I The A**hole’ feed, explaining how he obtained the dog previous than he married his partner, who has since transform ‘increasingly paranoid’ regarding the puppy after falling pregnant.
He outlined that she once knowledgeable him that his dog ran away and she or he’d been not able to chase after the animal, which he in no way spotted his loved pooch ever over again. Nevertheless, fast forward 5 years and 3 kids later, and he mentioned it transpired she’d lied to him and offered the dog to the pound while he was once operating, prompting him to go looking out out problems – and their courting – in an overly new delicate.
The individual wrote: “I had a dog when my partner and that I obtained married. I favored her, she was once my pal. “When my partner obtained pregnant, she became increasingly paranoid that the dog is usually a danger to the baby. She mentioned rehoming, and that I refused. She was once an ‘competitive breed’, alternatively she was once skilled. “One day, she referred to as me crying at paintings that the dog ran away and she or he may just now not run after her. I assumed her. I seemed for that dog for weeks. I finally merely permitted it on account of we had to adventure to the sanatorium to welcome our teen There are other pressing issues. “It’s been 5 years since then, and that we’ve got 3 youngsters. I have had to induce a change dog, alternatively the kids take lots of power and time. My partner has at all times had a change excuse not to get one different dog. “I said now not too way back that my dog didn’t run away, my partner and her father took the dog to the pound while I used to be at paintings on account of her dad and mom agreed jointly in conjunction with her regarding the dog being ‘destructive'”.
The Reddit particular person mentioned he was once ‘furious’ as he knew his dog ‘wasn’t destructive’, and feared that she may have now not been followed. “I’m honestly mad enough to imagine a separation if now not for the children and smart reasons,” he added. “I have knowledgeable her that the one on account of make it up even a touch bit is for us to urge a dog. She after all would now not desire a dog throughout the least, and complained that she would want to do an excessive amount of with it. It’s not that i am getting to lull in this one this degree .” As with any AITA threads on Reddit, consumers are in a position to weigh in at the subject and say whether or not or now not or now not they think any individual’s being out of order.
In this instance, consumers concluded that the person was once ‘now not the A-hole’, with one commenting: “Yeah. NTA. I do not think I might be capable of glance earlier that.” One different agreed: “NTA. I honestly do not know if I would possibly forgive her.” Wondering the credibility of the individual’s tale, a 3rd added: “This entire tale is questionable even if, who loses their dog and would now not read about local shelters to decide if it were became in?”


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