Elias Has Spent Six Years At the back of Bars On account of People Assume He’s ‘Too Unpleasant’

“Deficient dog, he’s so unsightly, no one wishes him.”

Elias has spent the overall six years in the back of bars after he was once rescued from the edge of death. Regardless that the refuge isn’t a great position to be, it have been probably necessarily probably the most position he has ever felt safe in. He was once completely happy when he first arrived, because of it have been necessarily probably the most time he had care, foods and protection.


Then again almost seven years is far too long for a dog to be stuck all the way through a kennel, specifically when it’s rather part their existence. The happiness that Elias felt when he first arrived, faded increasingly with each passing year. Then again why did Elias stay throughout the refuge for so long? Rescuer Valia Orfanidou believes there are a selection of reasons why dogs are neglected at refuge – turns out, age, smartly being issues, and behavioral problems to call a couple of. Then again in Elias’ case, Orfanidou believes it’s his turns out.

The refuge had posted {{a photograph}} of Elias to their Facebook internet web page to adopt and obtain him seen, on the other hand any individual commented: “Deficient dog, he’s so unsightly, no one wishes him.” Then again Elias is far from unsightly. Unfortunately, his commonplace turns out have made it laborious to draw attention from doable adopters.


Deficient Elias has observed each and every dog spherical him get followed through the years instead of him. Then again irrespective of that, he’s however a pleasing, playful dog who merely wishes to like and be loved.


If you happen to occur to’re enthusiastic about adopting Elias, please e mail: data@saveagreekstray.org. 

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