Experiencing newfound freedom, a dog rescued from a lifetime of chains in an abandoned farm rediscovers the joy of being a playful and carefree puppy.

A passing car noticed Violet the dog and lots of different dogs chained up with extraordinarily thick metallic chains that weren’t solely proscribing the dogs from roaming about, however have been additionally harming them.


Violet was about 2 years outdated when she was found, and Angela Stell, the founder and director of NMDOG, believes she had been chained her whole life.

Violet and the opposite 5 dogs have been found on a property in New Mexico, the place it’s illegal to maintain dogs chained when they don’t seem to be beneath human management.

They dispatched the native county sheriff’s division to the property in an try to find the homeowners, however it appeared that the dogs had been deserted. All of them have been taken by NMDOG, together with Violet, and the journey to restoration started.

“She was startled and remains to be somewhat apprehensive,” Stell added. Violet could have been mistreated on account of her habits, they are saying.

Fortuitously, the pup is at present in good well being and recovering from her emotional trauma, and she or he can be eligible for adoption as soon as her restoration is full!


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