Former Military Dog Finally Reunited With Original Handler After 3 Powerful Years

Army Specialist Vance McFarland was once overjoyed to finally be reunited with the Tactical Explosive Detection Dog he worked within Afghanistan, Ikar, after 3 years apart. He discussed, “Having a dog with you on deployment is type of like having relatively little little bit of area…Plenty of other soldiers were jealous. They could at all times need to arise and puppy Ikar.”

When McFarland and Ikar returned from Afghanistan, they’d been separated. Ikar belonged to the military, no longer his handler, and he was once sought after once more in Afghanistan.

When Ikar were given right here once more from Afghanistan over again, a personal contract company supposedly had worked for him. Unfortunately, they dumped him and a number of other different other dog in a kennel and refused to pay the kennel owner. It took 17 months for Project K9 Rescue and america Combat Dog Association to rescue the dog and reunite Ikar with a overjoyed McFarland.

Ikar will now be part of McFarland and his partner and two other dog for a excellent retirement.
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