In a hilarious display of stubbornness, a Golden Retriever adamantly refuses to budge when it’s time to go home.

Walkies aren’t over till this dog says they’re! A pair was having lunch at a brewery after they seen an amusing battle between a golden retriever and their proprietor occurring outdoors. Not able to go dwelling, the pooch had rolled over onto their again and was resisting any of the person’s makes an attempt to maneuver them. Though in some unspecified time in the future the dog sat up, they remained rooted to the spot.

“This pup doesn’t need to depart,” laughed the person filming.

Ultimately, the proprietor had no alternative however to scoop up the golden retriever and transfer them by drive. Oddly sufficient, the dog didn’t resist, as a substitute permitting themself to be carried again to the automobile like an outsized child. ViralHog acquired the humorous clip and shared it on YouTube, the place commenters have been delighted by the pooch’s antics!

Watch the video under to see this adorably spoiled golden retriever put their paws down and refuse to go away.

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