Pittie Little Puppy Dumped In A Parking, He Cried a Lot When Rescued

We re the animal rescue group of workers , if small animals need help .we re proper right here to help…those are their words.
they recommended us the tale :
We get a reputation from an individual , he sees a scene of a rickshaw driving force pulling his dog by way of the neck. He was once very indignant in regards to the other driving force’s  behavior.
He desires us to help the dog .
The rescue group of workers all of a sudden went to the dog in distress; a disturbing scene was once unfolding previous than my eyes.
a wicked guy is pulling on his dog’s neck.
We all of a sudden went there to rescue the little dog .we bagged him to spare the dog .After that , we had to spent about 30 {greenbacks} to buy the dog.
The dog is a rather thin , he was once very hungry, the owner most likely would now not feed him .
later, we took the dog to a clinical center to check on his smartly being.
We replace the evil owner and take very good care of the dog.
He is in safe hand now

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