Punish coward that beat pit bull mother dog with baseball bat!

Please SHARE so everyone gets to understand what this despicable, deficient excuse of a human being has completed. His movements are terrible and deserve the most productive penalty potential!
The attacker is going via the name of Edgar and lives during the village of Todos Santos, during the municipality of l. a. Paza, Lower California state in Mexico.
This cowardly person callously put down an innocuous mother dog all on account of the dog passed off to come upon him on the road . Edgar went crazy when this passed off and decided to signify the dog a lesson she would at all times take into accout . The mother dog, a pit bull, had in recent times born to a clutter of doggies, and was once walking across the streets in seek for something to devour. Alternatively that didn’t subject. Edgar ran to his car, pulled out a lumber and began viciously pounding the mother dog in simple sight. The defenseless animal had no chance of protecting herself. After being completed, the attacker fled the scene very similar to the coward he’s , leaving a clutter of latest kid doggies without their loved mother.
The mother dog was once left to die during the middle of the road .
The attacker is simply referred to as Edgar.

Neighbors have been surprised to be conscious of in regards to the attack and claim they might feed the dog constantly, describing her as noble and because of this truth the least competitive. Her only mistake was once running into this jerk therein unfortunate turn of events.
There can’t be any justification for such movements ever. Please help my petition and ask the government to release an investigation and produce this worthless person to justice as temporarily as potential.
Take movement on during the memory of this worrying and loving mother dog, who was once only attempting to give protection to her babies. No dog merits to be treated this way regardless of what the cases are.

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