Untouchable Stray Dog Suffers From Pain, Couldn’t Stop Hugging His Rescuer

When Kong used to be rescued, he used to be stuffed with Injuries. The Border Collie’s pores and pores and skin used to be dangerous and hurting as a result of excessive sunburn, so nobody used to be allowed to the touch it.

Happily, Kong used to be granted a replace lifestyles at Border Collie Rescue & Rehab. Kong began to restore his personality when he interacted with other people, received clinical treatment, and hung out getting love. Curtis Hartsell used to be taking a look on Facebook for a puppy to adopt when he noticed Kong’s symbol.

In an instant, he felt crazy along with his unmarried image Subsequently the description moreover. Kong used to be renamed to ZIB and now he’s satisfied and lives in his new without end place of abode with Hartsell.

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