Family Dumps Dog At Over the top Kill Refuge On account of She’s “Now not A Lovely Puppy” Anymore

While the other safe haven dog were barking and jumping spherical, Ellie quietly resigned herself to a corner as she waited for her scheduled euthanization.

Ellie Hell Bull used to be only a twelve months earlier when her family dumped her at a over the top kill safe haven in Jackson, Tennessee. The reason – they didn’t assume she used to be “adorable” now that she wasn’t a puppy anymore. The workers did their greatest to urge Ellie to be followed inside the next few days. On the other hand irrespective of being gentle and smartly mannered, the unfortunate dog stored getting left out on account of her shyness spherical new folks.

Briefly, Ellie’s time used to be up as her kill report turn acquired due. On the other hand at the day she used to be set to be put down, a person named Jon Patel walked into the safe haven. Jon wasn’t exactly keen on adopting a Pit Bull, on the other hand he couldn’t lend a hand on the other hand uncover Ellie’s gloomy and defeated stance. While the opposite safe haven dog were barking and prancing spherical, Ellie had quietly resigned herself to a corner in her kennel as she waited for her scheduled euthanization. On the other hand when Jon walked against her, she desperately reached her paw out, as though she used to be begging for an additional chance to measure.

Jon used to be surprised when he learned Ellie used to be close to be put to sleep. He right away referred to as his partner, Kayla, and recommended her all about this lonely girl. The couple right away decided to rescue Ellie and provides her the lifestyles she deserved. They glad the safe haven to call off the euthanization, and followed Ellie in next week!


Ellie out of place her ideas the instant she walked into her new position. She couldn’t consider her success as she settled into her comfortable endlessly space, and thanked her dad and mom with crucial kisses! At the present time, Ellie may be a snuggly girl who loves twiddling with bubbles and chasing butterflies.

While some skeptical locals however make a choice the Patels for adopting a “fierce Pittie,” the couple is acutely aware of that they would like been blessed the sweetest dog on this planet!


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