Unusual and unique dog that looks like a statue confuses the internet

 A dog that looks like statue

{A photograph} of a unusual Mexican hairless dog has puzzled hundreds of internet consumers around the globe on account of they will’t decide if it’s a statue or no longer.


The pooch’s owner, 22-year-old Sandra Pineda from the Philippines, is flattered reasonably a couple of suppose her puppy, Piper, is also a work of art. She moreover unearths it hilarious that the web thinks her one-year-old dog is also sculpture.


Sandra followed Piper and offered her area ultimate March, when she was once merely two-months-old.


The viral dog is also a Xoloitzcuintle—or Xolo for short—which is found in toy, miniature and common sizes, and is understood for being hairless. The unusual breed is maximum notable for its large, upright bat-like ears, and that they will exchange colors as they develop into outdated .


Piper’s dark and steel color makes her glance a little bit like a sparkly statue!


Many internet consumers ended up praising the sculptor’s talent, until they came upon she is also a real dog. What’s her secret?Sandra mentioned that she used virgin coconut oil to foam Piper and make her pores and pores and skin super glossy!!

Do you suppose Piper appears to be like a statue??Let us know throughout the comments..

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