Domestic dogs Rescued From Cave With Maggots, No Foods and Water, motherless puppy

 Someone a professional us about an small doggy wounded spherical his stomach, so we went there and checked in this day and age he was once open air the delve then again we does not had one thing in our palms to stuck him.

So we went once more to place of dwelling and took all necessary scenarios like material, milk, bagetc.

 We were given right here once more, by the time he entered to the delve and not coming outside.

we pour a milk in a coliseum and situated open air the delve and awaited many hours. After many hours he were given right here open air the delve, by the time we closed the delve with a rustic blocks.

 And stuck the doggy and coated the crack with a cloth and took him to a veterinary health facility at Calicut.

 Dr treated him and in the long run we took doggy into kokkachi’s sanctum.

“And he will be a part of kokkachi family”.

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