Man’s Heroic Act: Dives into Cold Water to Save Stranded Dog

A Heroic Act of Kindness: Saving a Freezing Dog from Elllicott Creek

After we face life-or-death conditions, we regularly do not understand how we’d react till it occurs. For Don Chatten, a stroll within the park together with his two dogs was a heroic act of kindness that saved a helpless animal. That is the story of how one man’s fast considering and bravado saved just a little dog from a freezing demise.

It was a chilly day in New York when a girl approached Don for assist discovering her misplaced pet. Don did not hesitate to assist, however after they discovered the little dog, he observed the hazard it was in. The poor pet had fallen into the freezing waters of Elllicott Creek, and if Don did not act rapidly, the little dog wouldn’t survive.


Don known as 911, however there wasn’t sufficient time to attend for assist. With out a second thought, he rushed to avoid wasting the animal himself. Don knew the water within the park was not deep sufficient to kill him, as he used to go there for walks when he was a baby. However even with that information, leaping into freezing water to avoid wasting a dog takes unbelievable bravery.

Don tried to choose up the dog from underneath the ice, however the ice broke, and he too fell into the water. Fortuitously, Don was capable of seize the little dog and produce it to security. Each Don and the dog have been chilly and moist, however they have been alive.

After the rescue, the trembling dog was taken to an area veterinary clinic, the place it was decided that he was bodily in good situation. Don’s bravery and fast considering saved the little dog’s life, and his heroic act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed.


Don’s act of kindness reminds us that we are able to all make a distinction on the earth, irrespective of how small or large the motion could appear. Saving a life, whether or not human or animal, is a selfless act that deserves recognition and gratitude. Don Chatten might not contemplate himself a hero, however to the little dog and the girl who misplaced her pet, he’ll all the time be remembered as a legend. Allow us to all try to make the world a greater place, one act of kindness at a time.


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