Stray dog ‘cries’ tears of enjoyment after type stranger feeds him at the street

The dog was once filmed status on his two hind legs as though he was once begging for foods. He welled up every time the kind-hearted girl came over with sausages then again has unfortunately disappeared

A stray dog has been filmed “crying” tears of enjoyment after a stranger were given right here and fed him some much-needed foods in the street. The deficient pooch was once came upon wandering with regards to a park inside the city of Jinzhong, Shanxi province of northern China previous inside the week.


Photos shared by way of the girl, who does no longer wish to be named, unearths the tiny dog status on his hind legs while swinging his front legs as though he’s begging for foods.

The scruffy dog appears to be up when the girl provides him sausage. One different clip unearths the sort animal fanatics revisiting the park tomorrow in search of dog. The excited mutt seems to recognize her and greets her with a wagging tail.

As temporarily as she brings the snacks out, the dog is observed getting teary all over again. The woman suggested local newspaper Xiaoxiang Morning Put up that she attempted to hold the dog to her car then again he in a while jumped down. She mentioned: “Me and my associates have been at the because of a park once we spotted the stray dog. “He started crying once we gave him foods and that I tried to place him in our car only one match, then again he refused and jumped once more in the street .


“The dog feared that we would grab him very similar to the dog snatchers on account of that is what they may do – luring the dog to the minivan with foods previous than fleeing.” She went once more to the sector on Wednesday (December 23) then again may just no longer see the dog spherical. “I have attempted to search for it a couple of circumstances those few days then again I could not uncover him,” she added. “I’d try my good fortune asking the road cleaners later.”

The clip has long gone viral on Douyin, a Chinese language language equivalent of TikTok, where audience was hoping for the dog’s safe go back.

One wrote: “This is a dog with soulful eyes. Please don’t hurt him.” A 2nd commented: “Hope the dog didn’t get snatched away!”

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