Stray Dog Who Begged Folks To Acquire Donuts, To Fund His Surgical process Worth, Dies

Β The result of this situation that went so viral makes tens of millions cry

After his lack of existence, the tale of Rex, a stray dog who introduced donuts to pay for his surgical process, went international. Silvia V. of Los angeles Verdad Noticias rescued Rex after he used to be hit via a automotive. Silvia began selling empanadas and donuts with the help of Rex so as to pay for his meds. Folks began to gather at Polgono 108 Park to peer Rex and buy doughnuts to lend a hand him.

Unfortunately, Rex’s scenario began to go to pot, and he sought after to be rushed to the health center since he may just now not stop vomiting. Thankfully, after Silvia V. shared his tale on social media, a excellent girl helped him see an orthopedic surgeon. Later, he used to be taken to a veterinary sanatorium to stay dehydrated while receiving serum.

Because of Rex’s scenario used to be subtle, surgical process used to be inconvenient. As a result, Silvia began asking people to give a contribution to Rex’s cause, as he had spent a lot of money on treatment and foods.

Unfortunately, the dog died on account of he may just now not handle out to any extent further. Silvia mentioned on social media that the finances raised it will likely be used to cremate Rex, and the rest finances it will likely be used to lend a hand other pets in need. Rex, rest in peace!

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