The dog did not understand why its householders did not need it

 For a long time, a dog ran after the taking flight auto, which temporarily ran out of power. From that 2nd, the puppy grew to transform homeless. The possessors of the puppy made up our minds to move from the farm to the city and abandoned the deficient dog correct at the freeway.


 Trees ranger Andrey, who lives coming door to these people, witnessed the woeful scene. The individual up to now had one dog, then again he may now not keep indifferent to the future of the trustworthy puppy. He left the house and  known as the dog  , then again it didn’t come to  the neighbor then again ran along the freeway.

The geste of the dog surprised Andrey, then again he however made up our minds not to cross away the puppy on my own at the freeway. Inside the evening, the hunter noticed that someone was once lying outdoor the gate. When he gained closer, he spotted the equivalent dog. Supposedly, the deficient dog returned, hoping that this position may well be probably the most protected for her. The individual attempted to call the dog to him another time. This time the puppy relied on the neighbor and went into the backyard.


 It took a little bit of time for Andrey’s dog to get used to the new puppy . The owner allocated a separate coliseum to each and every puppy to steer clear of quarrels between them then again his dog allowed the new dog to devour from his coliseum.

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