The Heartwarming Tale Of Leo, A Paralyzed Puppy Came upon On A Seaside In Thailand

 When compassionate Canadian rubberneck Meagan Penman discovered this deficient domestic dog dragging his paralyzed legs along a sand in Thailand, she knew she needed to help, without reference to the associated fee.

 Therefore began the pretty and hopeful tale of Leo the puppy, a paraplegic slapdash who was once brought to Canada and plant a brand spanking new loving place of dwelling there.

Through the anonymous deliverer’s estimates, hi there would possibly not have survived one different month on his non-public.

When no rescues in Thailand would take him, she knew she had to take him place of dwelling.

Now he is being upper . his neatly being is  upper

He can walk and play like other pets

 Now, Jamie, agreed to go back his foster mama! So gorgeous and adorable!

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