When the owners of 10 golden retrievers from Redlands, California desired a manner to put their litter of puppies to mattress, they grew to become to the age vintage conventional fairy tales, but with a prehistoric twist.

This litter of dogs is virtually too cute for phrases. The curious little goldens are common puppies and curious approximately their surroundings. retriever pupies Like to explore and active bunch.

To loosen up and calm them interior their whelping box, their human circle of relatives decided to attempt something new. So they placed a crimson crammed dragon referred to as Dalton in the field. However, Dalton isn’t your normal stuffed dragon.

Dalton is an lovable red dragon. He’s now not horrifying, in any respect. Rather, he’s a candy bedtime story teller. His mouth movements, his head sways, and his ebook lighting up as he tells his fairy stories. The fine component is that he totally captivates the dogs.

The retrievers see the enraptured as the twelve Dalton reads them a story! He can examine 5 classic fairy memories, which encompass Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, The Ugly Duckling, and Sleeping Beauty.

These owners have been genuinely onto some thing amazing due to the fact those dogs acquire around him as he tells them about magic beans and that they appearance so satisfied and cozy, similar to all tiny toddlers do once they listen a tremendous bedtime story.

If you’re interested in getting a Dalton for your puppies, you should recognize that he may be located online. Dalton additionally takes batteries so that you’ll need to be sure you don’t depart him alone with your pets.


This video is so cute it makes us want to comfortable up with a domestic dog, blanket, and pay attention to some old-fashioned fairy stories until we flow off to dreamland. What will be better than that?