Lady Who Took In 97 Storm Dogs Receives $100,000 To Help Voiceless Dog’s Rescue

When Chella Phillips of the rescue, The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas, took 97 dog into her living to protect them from typhoon Dorian, she had no concept what the long run would take care of.  Or, what selection of hearts she would touch at the side of her tale.

Shared proper right here and broadly on social media, dog fanatics all over longed to reach out and one way or the other help her and the animals she secure towards emerging flood waters and the next loss of power.

Generous donations of $100,000 poured into her rescue, which is in a position to help her switch to a brand spanking new location.

She prompt CBS knowledge, “I am so thankful such a lot of folks reached out with donations.  Now it’s doable for me to move to another location.”

Along with the so much sought after donations, she moreover captured the attention of rescuers who need to help her uncover homes for the dog.

“Thank you for asking about us.  That sent folks in our path to help us….Now rescuers are wanting to take my homeless and help them.  God bless you all,” she discussed.

How you can help the dog suffering from typhoon Dorian:


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