If Any person Tells You Angels Don’t Exist, Provide Them This

In April 2013, Leslie Gallagher, founder of Two Hands 4 Paws, received a reputation from Doberman Rescue regarding a paralyzed Doberman named Kenny. Kenny had suffered a irritating instance to his neck, possibly because of a kennel gate being dropped on him. The hurt left him paralyzed in all 4 legs, totally not able to move.

Because of possible costs of a right kind research and restorative surgical process, euthanasia was once proposed, they usually contacted Leslie for advice. Leslie due to this fact equipped to take Ken in and try to paintings her magic but another time. The possibilities were not in their prefer.

The employees at Two Hands 4 Paws worked diligently for a month to get some efficiency once more into Ken’s legs alternatively have been met with minimum luck. The hopeless dog had to be carried all over the place, not able to urinate on his private, and in terrible pain.

At the end of the main month he advanced cancerous tumors that sought after to be eradicated, alternatively while convalescing from surgical process Kenny advanced pneumonia which landed him once more inside the clinic. After spending various days beneath the watchful eyes of clinic employees, Kenny recovered and were given right here place of abode.


Kenny desperately sought after an MRI and imaginable neurosurgery, so a fund-raising advertising marketing campaign was once established, spreading word about Ken’s situation and amassing a whole of $9,000 in contributions, which were given right here in from far and wide the sector!

Dr. Wayne Berry, a primary neurologist analyzed the MRIs and performed the surgical process in early May just. Immediately, Ken’s pain lowered, and his limbs regained some flexibility. A major hurdle have been crossed

After a slew of in depth, targeted rehabilitation, healing therapeutic massage treatment, hydro and laser treatments, acupuncture, and exercises, Kenny took his first few steps. He temporarily regained his talent to urinate and defecate on his private. He started to try to play with other dogs although he was once so volatile he fell down regularly.

Right now, Kenny is more potent than ever. He runs down hallways, sensible spirited and captivating everyone he meets!



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