Marine Is Reunited With Puppy He Stored In Afghanistan

In 2014, Marine Sergeant Jacob Fisher Was once deployed for his 3rd excursion in Afghanistan. Sooner or later he came upon a tiny puppy stuck in a lure merely external of the ground. He got the puppy out and presented it once more to the ground.

Temporarily the entire Marines fell in love with the little puppy whom Fisher named Jax. Jax and Fisher grew to love one some other very so much.

“It’s superb how something so small, moderately dog like Jax, can merely cheer you up on every occasion you’re having a bad day,” Fisher discussed.

When it was once time for Fisher to move area after spending 7 months in Afghanistan, he knew he had to take Jax area with him.

SPCA International agreed to help Fisher delivery Jax to the United States by way of their army help program.

After being area for two months, Fisher finally got word that Jax had left Afghanistan and was once heading area to California.

Fisher, his partner Michelle, and his son went to the airport to make a choice up Jax, then again his son had no thought who they have got been opting for up, as it was once a surprise.

They waited excitedly for Jax to achieve, wondering if he would however recognize Fisher.

As briefly as Fisher went out to fulfill Jax, you can see that he didn’t merely take into account Fisher, then again was once so excited to peer him!

He had grown so much since Fisher ultimate spotted Jax, they typically were ready to take him to his new area to get settled in.

Fisher’s son bonded with Jax in a little while, which made Fisher extremely happy.


A few months after the reunion, Fisher’s partner Michelle shared an substitute.

“I merely wanted to post a quick substitute. Jax is doing really well. Him and our son have relatively the bond which makes me so happy. He has out of place all his puppy fur, so he turns out totally totally other. He’s a in point of fact happy and lively dog and we couldn’t be happier that he’s proper right here with us,” Fisher’s partner Michelle wrote.

Fisher moreover started a Facebook internet web page where he stocks photographs of Jax and his family. You in all probability can tell that Jax is for sure living his greatest existence.


Now Jax and Fisher get to spend frequently they want jointly. Any such super tale!


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