Separated Pit Bulls ‘Hit Doggie Lottery’ As Wonder Superstar Adopts Them Every

When two 6-year-old pit bulls were surrendered to the Hillsborough County Safe haven in Tampa, Florida, no person had any concept this regimen state of affairs would grab the attention of such a lot of folks, along with actor, Dave Bautista.

The unfortunate canine, named Maggie and Ollie, were dumped at the refuge because of their householders had a brand spanking new kid.  The pair were jointly since that they had been tiny pups and were very bonded.  Irrespective of this, the refuge separated the canine and housed them personally.

Fortunately for the canine, Rescue Me Tampa, a number of volunteers who is helping uncover homes for refuge canine took uncover of the two pit bulls and shared them on their Facebook internet web page.  They outlined how the bonded pair had grown up jointly and now were unfortunately separated.  The publish be told:

“They have no idea what they did to deserve this,” the poster mentioned. “It merely breaks my coronary center. They lived their whole lifestyles jointly!!! … Please take into consideration adopting those 2 jointly. They just out of place each little factor they knew and favored.”

The publish impulsively grew to become one of the crucial a very powerful stylish posts at the rescue internet web page and was once shared over 2,000 events.  Comments on the internet web page published that many people were heartbroken over the state of affairs with the canine, some were enraged, and nearly everyone was hoping and prayed the canine might be followed jointly.

Amazingly, one week later, folks gained their need.  The substitute mentioned that anyone had utterly followed every canine, and “they hit the DOGGIE LOTTERY!!!”

“Check out Maggie and Ollie that they had been surrendered to the refuge because of their owner had a kid, that they had been SEPARATED from every different at the Puppy Helpful useful resource Heart although that they had been BONDED!! A group of fans wasn’t having it and the PITBULL MAFIA sprung them TOGETHER!!!! Those 2 were merely PERMANENTLY ADOPTED, no longer by means of merely anyone, they hit the DOGGIE LOTTERY!!! Their new Daddy is actor/wrestler Dave Bautista. HAPPY TAILS MAGGIE AND OLLIE.”


Dave Bautista, Wonder big name, stylish actor, WWE wrestling champion, dog lover, owner of 3 pit bull tattoos, and promoter of Frankie’s Pals, an organization that is helping provide veterinary care for people who can’t have enough money it, had followed the lucky doggies!

Actor Kumail Nanjiani, who starred with Bautista in Stuber, shared Bautista’s love of canine in an interview with the Tampa Bay Cases ultimate 12 months.  He mentioned,

“He if truth be told loves his canine, guy,” Nanjiani mentioned. “There are some elements where we were shooting with a dog in a car, and the dog would get overheated and he was once in order that attuned to it. Dave might be like, ‘We’re in a position to’t shoot! We’ve got to cool him down!’ and we’d be like, ‘Dave, we’re dropping sunlight,’ and Dave might be like, ‘Then again he’s all panting!’ and so we’d be like, ‘K, Dave, we’ll take a ruin so the dog can get a little bit little bit of leisure.’ And then we’d shoot some stuff without the dog, and then the dog would come once more, and Dave would get all excited.”


Without a doubt those two sweet canine did hit the doggie lottery and could be spoiled and successfully favored for a couple of years.  Please proportion this heartwarming tale along with your family members and colleagues!


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