Two Shape Men Set Are living Sea Turtles Loose To Save Them from Being Eaten

Despite the fact that alarming, it’s doable to buy reside sea turtles in some components of the sector.  Irrespective of the laborious paintings of conservationists and environmentalists, unfortunately reside sea turtle product sales continue.

Two men, Arron Culling and his co-worker- Mark, introduced their own non-public marketing campaign to protect sea turtles, while on a consult with to Papua New Guinea.  Right through their pass to, the two discovered reside sea turtles were being purchased at the market for foods.

Facebook / Arron Culling

Spurned to movement, Arron and Mark bought two sea turtles for $50, drove them to a secure position, then introduced the turtles into the sea.  In the past the pair has been able to rescue 10 sea turtles.

Facebook / Arron Culling


Despite the fact that sea turtles are an endangered or prone species, in certain global places related to Papua New Guinea, Mexico, and Australia, they nevertheless allow the harvesting of sea turtles for meat and shells.

Facebook / Arron Culling

Fortuitously, Sea turtle trade is illegal in america and bringing products into the country is precisely prohibited.

Facebook / Arron Culling

To check additional regarding the plight of the sea turtles and what you’ll be able to do to help, please pass to the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s internet website online and proportion this tale along with your family members and buddies.


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