Sweet Pit Bull Loves To Takes Naps On Fluffy Dog At Her Puppy Daycare

Everyone loves to nap on a large comfortable bed alternatively this little pit bull takes her dozing to the next degree by means of drowsing at the softest, fluffiest dog she’s going to uncover.

Edna the sweet brown and white pit bull spends her days taking part in at pup day care.  Nonetheless, after only a few hours of stress-free, she needs her elegance sleep.


Brianna Gottfried

Since comfortable beds are limited at the day care because of the entire canine frequently resolve its sleepy time, at the similar time, Edna found out a at ease solution.


Brianna Gottfried

Edna simply seeks out the fluffiest maximum snuggliest dog at day care and cuddles up for a snooze.  The other domestic dogs don’t seem to ideas her sweet little self using them for a bed and they fall asleep right kind along together with her.


Brianna Gottfried

In fact, her antics are type of an indicator at the daycare and the employees merely we could her do her issue.

In accordance with her fur mom, Brianna Gottfried, Edna has been doing this since she was once a small puppy and now not probably the most other canine seem to ideas, even the wiener dog who’s form of the similar dimension as she is reveals her impossible to resist.


Brianna Gottfried

Each day when her mom alternatives her up, she reveals her drowsing on one different dog.  Her mom says,

“When it’s time to head area, I all the time must peel her off of 1 different dog.”

Edna is in truth pretty and also a stellar example of merely how loving her breed could also be.

Very similar to all canine, pit bulls need love, socialization, and training and it’s obvious that Edna gets all that and additional from her great mom.

The images of her cozied up together with her dog pals are super lovable, in fact, the entire canine are merely super pretty.

We are hoping we get to peer additional pictures of Edna at daycare and wish her many happy naps one day.


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