Owner Chains Extremely Ill Dog External In Underneath-Freezing Temperatures For Days

Law enforcement officials in Spencer, Massachusetts, are searching for 48-year-old Leonardo Pagan Marrero for leaving behind his sickly dog throughout the backyard of his empty range in minus temperatures. Law enforcement officials had previously got a criticism from Leonardo’s neighbors about his d.y.I.n.g Siberian husky who used to be tied to a pole throughout the backyard without foods or water.


When the police officers got the valuables, the Husky used to be came upon entangled in cable wires and had no power left in him. it’s unclear how long Leonardo has been distant from place of abode, alternatively the dog used to be obviously emaciated from months of malnourishment. he’s now underneath the care of “Siberian Husky Rescue League.” The Husky’s scientific assessments have printed that the dog has been suffering from Lyme sickness, Anaplasma and hookworms. Investigators consider that Leonardo has no purpose of caring for his dog.



He shamelessly discarded the sickly dog and was hoping that the cold would accelerate his lack of existence. Let’s spread the word and lend a hand the police officers observe the soulless owner!



Exchange: After over 42 days of investigations, Leonardo has finally been stuck! He used to be arrested and charged with animal cruelty. he’s at the present time out on a $2,000 cash bail, and may face his court docket docket taking note of at a later date. Let’s spread the word and insist the strictest punishment for this dog abuser!


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