Punish sisters that starved their puppy dog for weeks!

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Those two sisters have left their dog to starve; they didn’t feed the helpless animal for weeks and, as the result of this gross overlook, the deficient dog was once slightly able to stand on its toes. Thankfully, neighbors spotted the dog the dog in distress and decided not to glance the other manner, after all rescuing the abused dog.

Inside the image above, the 2 sisters are noticed smiling while at a birthday party within the intervening time, their puppy dog was once preventing for his existence at area! i will be able to certainly not understand such people – why get a dog within the first position if you’re not able or excited about caring for him?

Karen Antonella Jugo and Micaela Agustina Jugo, bent instance while their puppy dog was once suffering to survive reception .


After being rescued, the dog was once rushed to the health center and, after weeks of in depth scientific lend a hand , he has completely recovered. he’s now with a exchange family, that loves and values him.

Argentina has animal protection prison tips in situ (national regulation no. 14.346). We call for that the regulation be applied and those sisters download applicable punishment for all the suffering they would like caused.

The names of the teenage abusers are Karen Antonella Jugo and Micaela Agustina Jugo. Their care for: Julian Alvarez 1668, 1º E, Palermo group, Buenos Aires .
No animal merits to be treated like this. Dogs are in truth guy’s greatest buddies and that they deserve all the love and a spotlight within the international. The whole assist is needed to ensure those cruel sisters don’t get away with what they did!


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