‘I am confused’: Homeless guy heartbroken over stolen carrier dog, $10,000 praise supplied

A homeless guy is heartbroken after his carrier dog disappeared on New Year’s Day Eve in Sherman Oaks.

Homeless guy’s carrier dog stolen in Sherman Oaks A homeless guy inside the San Fernando Valley has been suffering ever since his carrier dog disappeared. A woman took him to be groomed, alternatively not at all presented him once more. Jimmy Nicholos is pleading with most of the people to ship his best friend ‘Boots’ living and a $10,000 praise is being supplied.


Nicholas works part-time at Start Rescue Resale Store, a Sherman Oaks thrift retailer that price range puppy rescue adoptions. It seems that, this earlier New Year’s Day Eve, a woman walked into the shop and supplied to groom his dog. Nicholas mentioned the lady had groomed his dog once previous than so, this is the reason he agreed, alternatively she not at all returned his loved ‘Boots’ to him. Later that day, the lady known as the shop and claimed she took ‘Boots’ to the park and he ran away.


Nicholas is heartbroken over problems and tells FOX 11, “He is my kid. I got two children. I not at all need to carry and when that came about he used to be the one actual issue that saved me sane. He not at all asks for one thing, only a touch of love. I’m confused.” The owner of the shop thinks the lady’s tale is suspicious and does now not upload up. She says the lady mentioned two men approached her and she or he ran. She then loosed ‘Boots’ inside the process. After the incident, Nichols and then the store owner known as the lady quite a lot of cases, alternatively she not at all returned their calls.


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