4 Senior Chihuahuas At Refuge Without A Unmarried Teeth, Followed All Jointly

 The 4 out of date unwanted dogs had been on kill-list. Until one lady followed they all jointly.

Julie Docherty volunteered to stroll doggies at a safe haven in Los Angeles as she was once no longer very determined to an adopt a puppy after moving, as that was once once a major taking into account to get used to her new position.


So, when she went to the safe haven to walk her dog for the main time, she immediately fell in love with an 11-year-old Chihuahua named Momo and followed it without hesitation. After figuring out that this dog has many older dogs, she made up our minds to raise 3 larger Chihuahuas.


Paloma, Choli, MoMo and Benito are 4 chihuahuas which will also be for sure best possible on account of they don’t even have a teeth in their mouth. They do all the factor jointly, like slumbering, participating in, and sunbathing jointly.


Julie began to put across older doggies to her space to lend a hand them spend their golden years in a gentle space. What a major lady!


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