Lovable Deficient Puppy… Crying Asking For Human Help…

a lovable deficient puppy crying requesting help
a puppy has been came upon with a sad apply tie spherical his neck” Help Me”
1 month  earlier puppy used to be staying external by myself and so unsatisfied , positive he used to be hungry .
He used to be spotted after the child walked beside a freeway and then referred to as us to look  that puppy atmosphere by myself  .
We took him place of dwelling ,first of all we gave him milk and a couple of foods to consume, he used to be so hungry he nevertheless eating for a long time , then he took a rest and slept .

When he woke up he start collaborating in with our puppy , he used to be so happy and having amusing together with his time ,that used to be so thouchable. how can folks be careless and let the sort of puppy by myself . We ll take care of  the puppy and from now he is part of our family .
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