Rescue deficient dog from being purchased into the slaughterhouse

In Vietnam, many people devour dog meal. other people cling dogs to protect build up them and advertise thel to the saulghterhouse for money .

On our method to the patrol residential area, We discovered and rescued them from being purchased into the slaughterhouse. on the other hand those are the few that have been rescued, what about the ones that can not be found out .

We discovered a girl wearing pitiful dog to the slaughterhouse in the marketplace . To start with , I asked her to buy it once more for 200 thousand VND, then 500 thousand, then 700 thousand on the other hand she refused difinitely to market it .

Finally , we had to buy it all over again for 900 thousand VND, equivalent to 45 USD .She asked for a actually hight worth compared to the vietnames marketplace . Alternatively we nevertheless have to easily settle for because of deficient dogs should be rescued in time . In some other case she is going to market it to the slaughterhouse .

Have a look , it was once tied very tightlu, very pipifully . on the other hand no longer as pitiful as it was once purchased into the slaughterhouse and slaughtered .

Is a loyal animal, a excellent buddy worthy of being killed for meat ?

Why are thery so ruthless ?
Tey tied it up very tightly , making it very painful ….Mentally it is rather panic !

I have to reassure it usually !
it panicked so it attempted to escape if it had the chance . Because of it panic , it does not have any passion for foods , even idea it is rather hungry .
We will ship him to the care middle and will uncover him a pleasing owner .

it took a bath , it was once so dirty and pungent on the other hand finally it was once obedient .

 He is very surprising, very gorgeous, a white spotted, black brown dog and it is going to find a excellent owner temporarily .

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