Stray dog suffered pain very very long time with huge tumor on once more purchased stored by means of type lady Superb Remodel

I purchased a reputation a few deficient stray dog with large tumor wandering ? I’m going to there to help and ultimately I purchased her . this deficient dog who have a huge tumour may be 6 kilograms of tumour .
I care for to catch her after a prolonged struggle and run after her by way of all the timber and thorns from fields . she even I gave tranquline to make her sleepy ,she gave arduous moments . I had to run over 1000 metrees into timber .
it used to be a huge danger on account of he might fall proper into an opening beeing sleepy. She attempted to bit me beeing so scared.
then again finally I catched her, she is protected and at the approach through which to a vet. I name her Bunica , the vet programmed an urgent  syrgery to  Bunica .
after 2 days ,she had her surgical process and we are hoping she could be k after and we wait the results of the biopsy .
after every week , The surgical process is done good fortune , now the wounds is healing in excellent development . after 3 weeks ,  Bunica now might be in excellent neatly being, ready to head living . she is in upper state of affairs .
After 2 months , Bunica now might be  in living and ready for adopt .She is beatiful now , I’m hoping her be adopt and feature a happy existence. thank you

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