A puppy was spotted riding a scooter while traveling with his owner around town.

Loving pets makes individuals do no matter they will to make them completely happy and excited. Most individuals get to their pets what they need like stuffed toys, treats, and blankets. However for one proprietor, he acquired a scooter to his dog. The dog goes all over the place along with his proprietor driving his scooter.

You’ll be able to see within the video beneath the person and his dog, who was on a scooter, out for work as they promote merchandise. However what was nice within the video was that the dog was driving the scooter unassisted as if is basically skillful! The person didn’t concern about being recorded or the individuals’s response.

The video was shared on Twitter by an account referred to as @Zhainis, and it straight went viral getting 1000’s of retweets, views, and feedback. Many individuals had been very impressed with the video expressing how nice the proprietor is to belief his dog on a scooter.

Whereas some others mentioned that it might be a really harmful state of affairs for his dog. How nice! Watch the video beneath.

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