Dog Who Failed As A Knowledge Dog Didn’t Lose Hope, He’s Now A Comfort Dog For Law enforcement officials

 When he didn’t make it as a “Assist Dog For The Blind”, he decided to change careers and become a comfort dog for law enforcement officials instead!

Tagg the 2-year-old Labrador retriever has been sworn in as Gresham Police Department’s first comfort K9. Tagg raised his right kind paw and swore to serve the department all through a present rite where he used to be given his very non-public officer badge!


Tagg used to be to start with training with “Knowledge Dog for the Blind,” alternatively he used to be deemed not worthy as a seeing-eye dog. The crowd thankfully donated Tagg to the Gresham PD, hoping that he would help with the police investigation . Nonetheless, the gentle Targe discovered that his challenge is to be a comfort dog for the police! At the side of his unique skill-set, Tagg will help the officials care for the stressful nature in their jobs. The K9 might be available within the department every morning and help diffuse the load of being a big responder that weighs down many law enforcement officials. Officials are delighted to possess an emotional wellness and mental state help dog, and that they have got welcomed Tagg with open hands!


Tag might also help sufferers with trauma that affected them all through the police investigation. Tagg’s maintenance is simply captivated with donations. If you wish to help his care, you’re going to make a “comfort dog donation” on the city’s internet web page proper right here. We’re sure Tagg can have a very good run at the department. Just right good fortune, Tagg!

Click on at the video underneath to look how Tagg’s presence has undoubtedly impacted the stressed-out officials!

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