Woman wakes up to 90-pound dog snuggling at the side of her in bed, only it’s now not her doggy

 To stand up with a stranger dog to your bed can also be a real morning surprise.

One Tennessee girl now not too way back woke up to a pleasant surprise. She woke up to peer a 90-pound dog resting next to her in her bed. Julie Thornton Johnson posted this wonderful tale and photographs to Facebook.


When Julie and her husband Jimmy woke up on May 1, there used to be a 90-pound pitbull Labrador mix laying in between them. They have got been first alarmed given that dog had now not only come in their living, on the other hand used to be moreover resting in their bed. When the spouse shifted the blankets, the dog cuddled up to them as within the match that they have got been her private.

Julie’s pal Felecia Johnson used to be in search of her and her female friend’s dog Nala, who had long past missing the night previous than. And the Facebook post printed each factor.

Felecia went to Julie’s position to make a choice up Nala. Alternatively there used to be one important “on the other hand.” Nala would not get out of bed. They in the long run happy her, and Felecia offered her puppy living. She used to be thrilled that the dog had come, considerably at her pal’s house.

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