Homeless Guy Who Sells Gum To Feed His Dog Cries When His Domestic dog Won Stolen

This tale tells a few earlier Mexican men named Alejandro, who sells chewing gum at the highway to make a living, and his dog Sol.


He merely sells gum to buy bread for Sol and himself. Unfortunately, Sol used to be stolen one day leaving Alejandro with out a way to do alternatively on the lookout for him!


So, the citizens who know them made up our minds to assist the former guy as his belongings are limited. It were obvious that Alejandro used to be so depressed and devastated!


A woman known as Alejandra Silva, who works at a gas station, discussed that no one is acutely aware of the incident’s knowledge, and asked rescue groups to assist Alejandro.


Thankfully, a rescue workforce joined to assist Alejandro and took photos from the protection cameras of the gas station, alternatively they came upon not anything.


They posted many flyers in hopes that the dog is going to be observed through other folks. No new knowledge however, alternatively we are hoping that Sol is going to be came upon briefly.

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