Justice For Caitlyn: Animal Abuser Will Spend 15 Years In Prison

Nearly two years up to now, William Dodson taped his pit bull Caitlyn’s mouth and nose close for 36 hours previous than she was once came upon and rescued.
William Dodson will then spend 15 years in prison. 5 of the ones, he owes to taping his pit bull Caitlyn’s mouth and nose close for 36 hours nearly two years up to now. The 15 years Dodson will serve for a weapon ownership price is that the mandatory minimum, and then the 5 years for animal cruelty are going to be served at the same time as. Nonetheless, after seeing pictures of the dog’s engorged snout on social media, wrapped spherical ninefold with electric tape, many, along side Circuit Come to a decision Markley Dennis, said they may have hottest a way stricter sentencing.
“I’m no longer attempting to be suggest,” Come to a decision Dennis knowledgeable Dodson in court docket, “Alternatively I need I would possibly come up with additional.” Dodson, a quite a few felon, has been in the back of bars since June 2015, on a daily basis previous than North Charleston police officers came upon and rescued Caitlyn from further abuse. He was once arrested after attempting to hide marijuana, cocaine, and a loaded pistol and running from police. TheThe next day, the neighbor came upon Caitlin and known as the animal control center.
Dodson showed contrition and said he was once learning to vary his habits with the help of inmate applications, then again Assistant Solicitor Ted Corvey refused to seek one thing then again the maximum sentence for the individual’s crimes. “I imagine this sends a message that we’re no longer getting to let these things slide anymore,” Aldwin Roman, Charleston Animal Society director of anti-cruelty and outreach, knowledgeable the Post and Courier. “We’re getting to do each and every phase we will within the law to prevent this, then we’re getting to go beyond and change our prison pointers and lead them to more potent.” Roman recalled that once Caitlin entered the Charleston Animal Refuge, she spotted Caitlin’s reaction to the veterinary technician for the principle time. “I have in mind seeing the concern in her eyes,” he said. “That was once 36 hours of torture.”
Thankfully for Caitlyn, veterinarians took care in removing the tape that can have seriously damaged her tongue and sinus hollow space, and she or he has made a complete recovery. As an “Ambassador” for the Charleston Animal Society, she lives evidence of the importance of reporting animal abuse and due to this fact, the results for individuals who injury animals. The Charleston Animal Society broadcasted interviews with Roman external Dodson’s sentencing, live to tell the tale Facebook.



“This has been an overly long side road for us, an overly emotional side road,” he said, nearly two years after Caitlyn was once first came upon. “Seeing Caitlyn recuperate and prepared to look out justice for her. She has been a voice for one every other abused animal, no longer only in Charleston then again all over the country. She has moreover been a logo for sufferers of violence. She may be a rallying title that we will no longer tolerate abuse.”

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