Girl Continues To Feed Animals On The Streets Irrespective of Having Little Money

 Irrespective of the efforts of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to scale back animal cruelty, there are nevertheless inexplicable cases. Particularly dogs and cats abandoned at the streets, one of the vital majority of them die of famine or sickness.


Some are sent to city kennels and killed if they aren’t claimed or followed inside of a particular time-frame.

Because of those parts, one animal enthusiast named Maureen Lacida Claro has devoted her time and personal finances to feeding homeless dogs and cats.

Maureen posted {a photograph} on Facebook of herself riding her pedicab and feeding the street dogs and kittens.


POP was once a professional via Maureen:

“I’ve been feeding them for the former 3 years.”

“At to start with, I was only spending my own money, then again it evolved to the aim where it was once now not inside of my worth vary.”

Maureen decided on to publicize her paintings with highway animals on Facebook in order to building up finances for her cause.

After her message went viral, other people were desirous about her paintings, and donations began to flow in from individuals who had heard the tale, which made Maureen extremely totally satisfied.


Maureen elaborated:

“I thought to be posting it on Facebook until other people started giving money for dog and cat foods,” she recollects. I even rescued a few of them. Those in necessary scenario are being taken to the sanctuary of the Citadel of Hope Shrine.”

Maureen is now satisfied that she’s going to have the ability to keep her employment due to the donations. She is thankful for the help she has gotten, particularly now that the COVID-19 epidemic has made problems more difficult.

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