What may very well be sadder than a senior citizen residing on a set revenue confronted with the dilemma of feeding themselves or their valuable canine?

With the rising price of residing, medical insurance, medicine, and housing, that’s precisely what a number of the most weak individuals in our society are dealing with.

That’s the reason the non-profit, Senior Petcare Lifecare Alliance Program, was based in Columbus, Ohio. And, we’re hoping that by sharing this story, extra applications like them will probably be applied all through the nation.

Seniors on this system are now not confronted with splitting their very own meals with their canine, or not having sufficient meals for both of them to eat.

Seniors, like Maria True, usually need to share her personal meals or stretch their pet food out so as to feed their pet.  Maria vividly remembers the occasions when she needed to share her meals as a result of she didn’t manage to pay for for all of their meals.

“Quite a lot of occasions I feed her once I’m consuming one thing. She likes turkey typically. If I eat turkey lunch meat, I unfold that out too so it’s not costly.”

This system offers seniors free pet meals and vet care from medical professionals on the Ohio State College of Veterinary Drugs.

There are lots of related applications accessible so verify your area people listings or Google for help.  For example, we’ve additionally discovered related applications in Central TexasChicago, IllinoisLos Angeles, California and San Francisco, California.

These program are necessary as a result of they permits seniors, who usually dwell alone, to maintain their pets slightly than being pressured to provide them as much as a shelter or be unable to take care of them.

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