Anil Prabhakar, an novice photographer, captured a novel and touching second together with his digital camera just lately. A warden with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Basis was clearing snakes from a stream to assist defend the native Orangutan inhabitants. And that’s when a wild Orangutan seen him and fearing for his security, provided a serving to hand.

A lot of the snakes in Borneo are innocent, however there are a couple of exceptions. There are extremely venomous snakes like Kraits and King Cobras, in addition to mildly venomous snakes resembling Mangrove Snakes and the Wagler’s Viper. There may be additionally an enormous species of python, referred to as the Reticulated Python, that’s the longest species of snake on the earth with a most size of over 30 ft! It’s these snakes that the warden sought to take away when he got here throughout the orangutan within the pictures.


“There was a report of snakes in that space, so the warden came to visit and he’s clearing snakes. I noticed an orangutan come very near him and simply supply him his hand.” – Prabhakar mentioned

Prabhakar additionally mentioned the warden discovered it troublesome to maneuver within the fast-flowing water. And that it appeared as if the orangutan was saying “Could I enable you”? to the person.

“I actually wasn’t capable of click on,” he mentioned. “I by no means anticipated one thing like that. I simply grabbed that second. It was actually emotional.”

The guard by no means took the orangutan’s hand. He moved away and climbed out of the water on his personal. Prabhakar requested the warden why he moved away, and the warden replied, “They’re fully wild, we don’t know the way they’ll react.” Orangutans are mild giants. By far the least aggressive of the Nice Apes. However they’re wild animals and they’re immensely highly effective creatures. The warden needed to remind Prabhakar that nice care and warning have to be used when working round such animals.


Despite the fact that it’s unlikely that the warden would’ve been harmed if he had accepted the assistance, to be accountable, he did what he ought to’ve accomplished by strolling away. Even nonetheless, the gesture of the orangutan could be very touching. In case you favored this story, please depart a like and share!