Pit Bull Hasn’t Stopped Smiling Since The Day He Was once Rescued & It’s Been 12 Yrs

 The Pit Bull was once abandoned at the streets as a puppy. A type guy picked him up and rescued him and the thankful dog hasn’t stop smiling ever since!

Jon Bozak was once fascinated with it when he spotted a Pitbull pups cruelly abandoned at the side of the road. Jon picked the puppy up and started on the lookout for his householders. He spent an entire month plastering missing posters spherical NY, alternatively the puppy’s owner in no way became up.

Jon named the puppy “Brinks,” and started taking care of him. He already had a dog and didn’t desire a 2nd dog, alternatively briefly it have been transparent that he had fallen crazy with sweet Brinks. Jon moreover observed that since Brinks rescued him, he started to grin like a human!

At this time, it’s been 12 years since Brinks’ rescue, and he has sailed through all this stage along with his fascinating smile nevertheless etched on his face! Jon says that Brinks likes to indicate his appreciation along with his intensive smiles each and every unmarried day. However, Brinks isn’t keen on crass humor. Each time Jon made a comic story in his crappy comic story, he would stop smiling and turn his face away! What a personality!


This video fantastically captures Brinks’ happy-go-lucky life as he is going spherical spreading excitement through his smile. Jon cherishes Brinks and feels commemorated to be the dad of this gracious and lovely Pit Bull. We are hoping this just right boy at all times keeps smiling!

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