Poor dog Hiding behind the construction site With a huge hump on his neck.

 Dragging an prolonged string by his neck with an unlimited excrescence. He was alarmed and saved hiding behind a panel in a desolate building.

 Empty constructing, how may he survive when left there. He was likely abandoned attributable to his enormous excrescence.

 Deliverer allured him out with meals & he went throughout the entice. He was ravenous, so that they fed him to calm him down.

 They took incontinently to the warhorse clinic. The excrescence weighs not lower than 12 kilos, if not further.

 Inside the coming day stagers prepared him for the surgical process. His surgical process was often easy, he was a stalwart man.

 Tumor, Bye bye!

 it’s so glad as soon as we see help these innocent lives.


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