Prepare to be deeply moved by this heartbreaking yet inspiring behind-the-scenes look at the rescue of bait dogs.

We continuously encounter bait dogs after they’ve been rescued or adopted. These are a few of my favourite tales to inform and share. Nevertheless, I consider this video is essential because it demonstrates how these dogs are found.

Sharing this video may help carry to mild the horrible existence these dogs lead previous to being rescued, in addition to why it’s crucial that we advocate for stronger sanctions for dog combating worldwide.

Tom McPhee, Government Director of the World Animal Consciousness Society (WA2S) and Producer & Director of the American Strays collection, accompanies Michigan Humane Society Officers as they uncover contemporary canines getting used to “bait” combating dogs. Observe their cameras as they doc the horrible situations these canines are compelled to undergo.

Bait dogs continuously undergo from damaged bones, untreated wounds, tied lips, maggots, and malnutrition.

“We react to dog fights all 12 months,” says Jenny Jackson, one of many Michigan Humane Society Officers.

“The road combatants are kids, you already know,” she provides. “They’re taking pit bulls and tying them up in deserted yards and battling them in parks, and so they’re simply younger children combating dogs – no matter dogs they’ll get.” And they’re unlikely to obtain ample medical care, in addition to ample meals, drink, and shelter. A whole lot of the time, they’ll simply be forgotten.”

Happily for these two pit bulls, The Michigan Humane Society and WA2S have been on there to assist. Nevertheless, there are literally thousands of different canines who should be rescued.

Warning: This video has graphic content material. However we promise that the story has a contented ending.

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