Rescue deficient dog wandering the freeway with atypical legs ,hopeless able for lend a hand

We accidently discovered a dog wandering at the freeway with atypical steps .as we approached , all folks have been surprised to look out out that the dog’s forelegs had a significant issue .
How may the dog live on at the street with deformed legs like this ? We could not let the dong wander like that , it was once veru cruel for him .
We known as him success, then we unexpectedly took him to the hospital. the vets tested him and the results of the X-ray  was once transparent that his tail was once decrease as a baby .
Good fortune would perhaps require a surgical process, and the treatment would take months .He would stay  inside the hospital for a long time, and the cost of treatment may also be extremely over the top .
Alternatively okey , we may continue to struggle to give him a typical pair of legs like any other dog . Clinical docs supplied two possible choices, one was once surgical process for every legs and the other was once physically treatment. and they might attempt to come to a decision on one of the most easiest one on account of he would by the use of a very exhausting treatment .
Among the finest bone masters was once contacted through the sanatorium to handle Good fortune . He steered a cast to fix the bone first, no longer direct surgical process , then again this was once no longer a typical cast .
After using the cast treatment, Good fortune’s ft stepped forward 60% and he had to stay inside the sanatorium until he completely recovered .
When changing the cast, the dog may also be anesthetized and the bones need to be fixed and coated inside the suitable position . It was once a truly painful process, then again Good fortune overcame it conveniently .
Hope the dog will temporarily recover and take common steps

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