Rescue The Deficient Dog Scared To Death The Puppy Has To Face The Wall Until He Meets The Rescue Staff

We are the animal rescue crew. if small animals need help.

we do our best to lend a hand them . Rescue deficient little dog abandoned through his owner. the little puppy doesn’ t accept foods from us .apparently the dog however hopes its owner will come once more to select him up.

He used to be in unhealthy cases , no foods no water …we attempted to lend a hand him there alternatively apparently that plainly he  desire a Vet read about .
 we took the little dog to the scientific center to inspect the puppy’s smartly being , after visiting the vet he urged us that his smartly being simply is not in a fantastic scenario because of he used to be no longer eating .
The vet gave him some treatement and vitamines and ask us o handle his foods .
We did our best to be with this little puppy ,after many days he start getting upper ,he is eating successfully , collaborating in and ejnoying his new lifestyles .
Hope we will be able to assist all the pets 

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