Rescued Street Dog With A Large Wound On His Head.

Rasa Indiagot a reputation from village other people ,about this deficient stray dog who suffered from  life-threatening wounds.
The deficient dog was once so scared, he didn’t allow his rescuers to lend a hand him.
The rescuers named him , Melkha .
The rescuers decided to catch him via the internet .
This break out artist was once operating over the street to escape from rescuers.
We’ve been helping Milkha would slow down , he was once so scared.
The rescuers paid numerous efforts and time to catch Milikha . It was once infested via lots of of maggots.
Maggots had forged a huge carter inside the dog head. The vet gave sedation began to wash the magots infesting the wounds .after many days he is being upper .
He is in a super neatly being now and he is totally glad and having amusing along with his existence .

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