Stolen Dog Reunited With His Owner Two Years Later, After Being Came upon At Dumpster

 He suffered for two years long after being stolen

Polo, a Shih Tzu, used to be stolen from his owner Jason Brandon previous than 2 years. He used to be then came upon by way of The Washington Humane Society. When the refuge checked if the dog had a microchip, they came upon that he had! On the other hand they have got been completely surprised, and no one involved him!


In order that they made up our minds to call Jason and tell him they have got Polo. The refuge prompt him that Polo used to be came upon all through a cage next to a dumpster, and he used to be all through a in point of fact bad shape.


Happily, Polo finally returned to New York to measure together with his owner. What a happy finishing!

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