The dog was once taken clear of a bad owner, and it saved attempting at the wall regularly

The tale of a dog named Angel proves that comradeship can exchange lives. The animal fell into the hands of the volunteers from the house of a cruel owner who didn’t care about his puppy and was once cruel thereto. Angel had problems with socialization and trust. The workers of the refuge performed an experiment and transferred the obligation for rehabilitation to another dog!

To this end, they once yet again became to the careless breeder and bought a puppy his age. The meeting with Angel was once really nice, and the workers at the refuge began to think that Angel and his new just right good friend were brothers and sisters.

The angel began to change. First of all, the neatly being problems disappeared, and the hair that was once languishing as a result of rigidity began to broaden once more. 2d, the dog no longer appears to be at the wall and avoids touch with any one.

The adjustments allowed the animal to seek out a selection place of dwelling. Now, Angel, like his sister, lives in a loving family.

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