The Ultimate Dog To Rescue From The Meat Farm, Robin Used to be Scared To Leave His Kennel

 Meet Robin, the general of fifty canine rescued from a dog meat farm and also slaughterhouse in Yongin, South Korea.

Meet Robin, that’s the fiftieth and ultimate dog rescued from a dog slaughterhouse and meat farm in Yongin, South Korea. Glance for the time being he used to be liberated from the bleak metal cage and took the first step in path of an exciting new lifestyles. He used to be not sure and didn’t are aware of it for the time being, on the other hand his lifestyles used to be about to alter endlessly.

“In this rescue, we worked with South Korean animal rights organizations to care for all 50 canine from being euthanized after the ability used to be closed down by way of government. The canine were discovered locked up in sterile metal cages without a water or foods. Humane Society International/Korea, LIFE, Korean K9 Rescue, and Yongin Animal Care Association jumped in to help save the entire canine, running with local government. Due to our member organizations for their assist!”

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